Friday, May 29, 2009

Going MS for MS

I guess it's time that I come clean: I'm going MS for MS. By the first MS I mean metro sexual. The second is Multiple Sclerosis.

For the second time I'm riding in the MS Bike Tour (I won't call it by it's official name because I don't like it) in Logan Utah. Last time in order to motivate donors I shaved my head. This time, I'm being a little more subtle -- I've shaved my legs.

I have to admit that for several years as I've ridden my bike I've looked down in disgust at the hairy poles protruding from my biking shorts and envied the smooth, muscular look of serious cyclists.

Hey it's for a good cause and while I may never have legs like Lance Armstrong I do like the look of the glistening sweat on my smooth legs.

Of course, this is as MS as I'll go. You won't find me wearing a salmon colored shirt, polishing my fingernails, sporting a man-purse or hanging Ansel Adams' photos in my office -- but I will keep my legs trimmed, at least for another month.

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