Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Easily We Get Bored

Yikes! Has it been two months since my last blog?!

What a crazy Spring in Utah -- or should I say, lack of Spring. 90 Degrees one day, snow the next. It's made my bike training rather difficult. Regardless, I'm starting to get in the habit. Out each day at lunchtime I'm slowly getting my endurance and strength back .... at least my cycling strength.

I started a nightly routine of situps and pushups to try and strengthen my core. Wow! I decided to start moderately so that I didn't get too sore and have to stop for two weeks like I've done in the past. I found out that moderate means 20 situps and 10 pushups. I feel old.

I have been able to increase my situps by five each night. I'll see how long that lasts. Maybe an increase of one per night is more realistic. I hadn't really done the math but now that I think of it in two months I'll be doing over 300 situps per night -- probably not a good idea =)

I've decided to stop weighing myself. I don't want to look at the scale until I can notice some change in the mirror.

So much for my rambling.

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